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Yamato people: Quiz


Question 1: As the Yamato influence expanded, their ________ language became the common spoken language.
Late Middle JapaneseEarly Middle JapaneseJapanese languageOld Japanese

Question 2: The Yamato people (大和民族 Yamato-minzoku?) are the dominant native ethnic group of ________.
CambodiaJapanCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 3: ), whereas Kunio Yanagita suggests they were a sub-group who settled in the ________ while the main migratory wave moved north to settle the Japanese archipelago and became the Yamato people.
TokyoSaga PrefectureRyukyu IslandsOkinawa Prefecture

Question 4: It was originally the name of the region where the Yamato people first settled in ________.
JapanNara PrefectureGifu PrefectureKyoto Prefecture

Question 5: Ryukyuan, the languages of the ________, split from Old Japanese somewhere between the 3rd and 5th centuries.
TokyoSaga PrefectureOkinawa PrefectureRyukyu Islands


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