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Question 1: After the defeat of the Tokugawa, Yamagata together with Saigō Tsugumichi was selected by the leaders of the new government to go to ________ in 1869 to research European military systems.
Eastern EuropeBalkansWestern EuropeEurope

Question 2: In 1883 Yamagata was appointed to the post of ________, the highest bureaucratic position in the government system before the Meiji Constitution of 1889.
Home SecretaryLord ChancellorDepartment for Constitutional AffairsHer Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council

Question 3: Yamagata was born in a lower-ranked samurai family from Hagi, the capital of the feudal domain of Chōshū (present-day ________).
Shimane PrefectureAkita PrefectureNiigata PrefectureYamaguchi Prefecture

Question 4: During the ________, the revolution of 1867 and 1868 often called the Meiji Restoration, he was a staff officer.
France–Japan relations (19th century)BakumatsuImperial Japanese NavyBoshin War

Question 5: In 1882, he became president of the Board of Legislation (Sanjiin) and as Home Minister (1883–87) he worked vigorously to suppress ________ and repress agitation in the labor and agrarian movements.
IdeologyPolitical partyPoliticsParliamentary system

Question 6: He showed his leadership on military issues as acting War Minister and Commanding General during the ________; as the Commanding General of the Japanese First Army during the Russo-Japanese War; and as the Chief of the General Staff Office in Tokyo.
Scramble for AfricaFirst Sino-Japanese WarBoxer RebellionTaft–Katsura Agreement

Question 7: A dispute with prime minister Marquis ________ over the military budget became a constitutional crisis, known as the Taisho Crisis after the newly enthroned Emperor.
Uchida KosaiInukai TsuyoshiItō HirobumiSaionji Kinmochi

Question 8: Yamagata became the third Prime Minister of Japan after the opening of the Imperial Diet under the ________ from 24 December 1889 to 6 May 1891.
KokutaiImperial Japanese ArmyMeiji periodMeiji Constitution

Question 9: He is considered political and military ideological ancestor of the ________ as he traced the first lines of a national defensive strategy against Russia after Russo-Japanese War.
Hokushin-ronKwantung ArmyTrans-Siberian RailwayManchukuo

Question 10: Yamagata like many Japanese was strongly influenced by the recent striking success of ________ in transforming itself from an agricultural state to a leading modern industrial and military power.
German EmpirePrussiaEast PrussiaHamburg


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