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Question 1: From 1634, the Shogun, informed of these troubles and what he perceived as attacks on his authority, refused to issue further ________ permits for Siam.
William Adams (sailor)Red seal shipsJapanNanban trade

Question 2: They were noted by the Dutch for challenging the trade monopoly of the ________ (VOC).
Dutch EmpireDutch East India CompanyDutch West India CompanyFrench East India Company

Question 3: Japan was concomitantly closing itself to the world at that time, initiating the "Closed Country", or ________, period.
Japan – United Kingdom relationsSakokuJapan – United States relationsNanban trade

Question 4: He became involved in Japanese trade activities with South-East Asia during the period of the ________ and settled in the kingdom of Ayutthaya (modern-day Thailand) from around 1612.
William Adams (sailor)KirishitanRed seal shipsNanban trade

Question 5: In 1628, one of his ships transporting rice from Ayutthaya to ________ was arrested by a Dutch warship blockading the city.

Question 6: Yamada Nagamasa (Japanese: 山田長政 Yamada Nagamasa; 1590—1630) was a Japanese adventurer who gained considerable influence in Thailand at the beginning of the 17th century and became the governor of the ________ in southern Thailand.
Narathiwat ProvinceSongkhla ProvinceSurat Thani ProvinceNakhon Si Thammarat Province

Question 7: It seems to have been a combination of traders, Christian converts who had fled their home country following the persecutions of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and ________, and unemployed former samurai who had been on the losing side at the battle of Sekigahara:
Tokugawa IeyasuMiyamoto MusashiOda NobunagaTakeda Shingen


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