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Yale Political Union: Quiz


Question 1: ________, President, Spring 1984 (PoR)
Fareed ZakariaCNNDavid GewirtzAnderson Cooper

Question 2: Presidential Candidate Senator ________ February 12, 2008 [8]
John McCainMike Gravel presidential campaign, 2008Hillary Rodham ClintonMike Gravel

Question 3: ________, Leader of the Labor Party, Fall 1945 (Labor)[6]
Columbia UniversityFrancis FukuyamaSamuel P. HuntingtonInternational relations

Question 4: ________, October 4, 2005 [18]
George H. W. BushBill RichardsonJohn R. BoltonMadeleine Albright

Question 5: The YPU regained strength throughout the 1970s, during which period the Liberal Party was by far the largest, but then it suffered a severe blow shortly after ________ became the Yale President.
Peter UeberrothA. Bartlett GiamattiBowie KuhnFay Vincent

Question 6: ________, President, Fall 1951 (Conservative)
William Barr (politician)Dick ThornburghEdwin MeeseWilliam French Smith

Question 7: ________, Speaker, Chairman of the PoR (PoR)
Alberto GonzalesPeter KeislerJohn G. RobertsGeorge W. Bush Supreme Court candidates

Question 8: Blogger ________ September 17, 2008
Lizz WinsteadJerry SpringerJaneane GarofaloArianna Huffington

Question 9: It was modelled on the Cambridge University Union Society and ________.
Cambridge Union SocietyUCC Philosophical SocietyUniversity Philosophical Society (Trinity College, Dublin)Oxford Union

Question 10: Political consultant and commentator ________ April 21, 2009 [4]
Hillary Rodham ClintonBill ClintonBarack ObamaDick Morris


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