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Yaghnobi language: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is formed by prefix na-, in combination with augment in preterite it changes to nē-.
Exclusive orTruth tableNegationLogical connective

Question 2: 2%; note that through ________ also many international words came to Yaghnobi).
Erzya languageSerbian languageMacedonian languageRussian language

Question 3: Yaghnobi is spoken in the upper valley of the Yaghnob River in the Zarafshan area of ________ by the Yaghnobi people.

Question 4: So only about one third of the lexicon is Eastern-Iranian origin, those words can be easily comparable to those known from Sogdian, Ossetian, Pamir languages or ________.
Punjabi languagePashto languageUrduPersian language

Question 5: Some communities live in the villages of Zumand and Kůkteppa and in ________ or in its vicinity.

Question 6: Yaghnobi was a scriptless language until 1990s[3], but according to some ethnographers the Yaghnobis used a modified form of the ________.
Arabic alphabetArabic languageSyriac alphabetHebrew alphabet

Question 7: In recent times Sayfiddīn Mīrzozoda form the Tajik Academy of Sciences uses a modified ________ for writing Yaghnobi.
Tajik alphabetPersian languageTajik languageTajikistan


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