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Yacht: Quiz


Question 1: Sometimes called ________, they often have a retractable keel, centerboard, or daggerboard.
YachtDinghyPunt (boat)Windsurfing

Question 2: ________ yacht (yacht with living amenities and sporting fishing equipment)
Fishing techniquesAnglingGame fishRecreational fishing

Question 3: They often have twin keels or lifting keels such as in ________.
Hobie magic 25Yacht racingSailingTrailer sailer

Question 4: Most are single-masted "Bermuda sloops" (not to be confused with the type of traditional Bermudian ship known as a ________), with a single foresail of the jib or genoa type and a single mainsail (one variation of the aforementioned Bermuda rig).
Bermuda sloopSloop-of-warFrigateClipper

Question 5: Now all but the smallest, most basic yachts have electric lighting, radio, and navigation aids such as ________.
CompassInertial navigation systemF-15 EagleGlobal Positioning System

Question 6: The use of wood has changed and is no longer limited to traditionally board-based methods, but also includes modern products such as plywood, veneers and ________ resins.

Question 7: Motor yachts typically have one or two internal combustion engines that burn ________.
Motor oilDiesel fuelGasolineExhaust gas

Question 8: ________ sails, in various sizes, are often supplied for down-wind use.
Fore-and-aft rigSpinnakerSail-planLateen

Question 9: Aids such as radar, echo-sounding and ________ are common.
Glass cockpitAircraft flight control systemAutopilotInertial navigation system

Question 10: By the start of the ________ 'jachts' came in two broad catergories- speel-jachts for sport and oorlog-jachts for naval duties.
16th century18th century17th century1616

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