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YAML: Quiz


Question 1: Additionally, YAXML, which represents YAML data structures in XML, allows XML schema importers and output mechanisms like ________ to be applied to YAML.
HTMLXSLTScalable Vector GraphicsExtensible Stylesheet Language

Question 2:
  • A hash key may be prefixed with a ________ ( ? ) to allow for liberal multi-word keys to be represented unambiguously.
    Question markAt signExclamation markTilde

Question 3: Early in its development, YAML was said to mean "Yet Another Markup Language"[2], but was ________ to distinguish its purpose as data-oriented, rather than document markup.
VenezuelaBroadcast syndicationUnited StatesRetronym

Question 4: YAML documents in a stream may be preceded by directives composed of a ________ ( % ) followed by a name and space delimited parameters.
EllipsisPercent signTildeAt sign

Question 5:
  • Ya2YAML with full ________ support
    Universal Character SetUnicodeUTF-8ASCII

Question 6: YAML is a recursive acronym for "YAML Ain't ________".
User interface markup languageHTMLMarkup languageLightweight markup language

Question 7: [4] Its line and whitespace delimiters make it friendly to ad hoc grep/Python/________/Ruby operations.
Java (programming language)Lua (programming language)PerlPHP

Question 8: The editor needs to handle UTF-8 and UTF-16 correctly (otherwise, it will be necessary to use only ________ as a subset of UTF-8).
Code page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252ASCII

Question 9: YAML streams are encoded using the set of printable Unicode characters, either in UTF-8 or ________
Han unificationUTF-32/UCS-4Universal Character SetUTF-16/UCS-2

Question 10: Repeated nodes are initially denoted by an ________ ( & ) and thereafter referenced with an asterisk ( * )
Slash (punctuation)BracketAmpersandTilde

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