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Question 1: Xylazine is sold by ________ under the brand name Rompun.

Question 2: ________ (Yobine) and atipamezole (commercial name Antisedan) can be used to reverse xylazine effects.
Pausinystalia yohimbeMDMABenzylpiperazineYohimbine

Question 3: As with other α2 agonists, adverse effects include ________, conduction disturbances, and myocardial depression.
Myocardial infarctionAtrial fibrillationTachycardiaBradycardia

Question 4: Veterinarians use xylazine as an ________ when it is desirable to remove a substance from a cat's stomach.
NauseaDiarrheaAbdominal painVomiting

Question 5: An analogue of clonidine, it is an agonist at the α2 class of ________.
Alpha-2 adrenergic receptorDopamine receptorAlpha-1 adrenergic receptorAdrenergic receptor

Question 6: In veterinary anesthesia, xylazine is often used in combination with ________.

Question 7: Xylazine is a drug that is used for sedation, anesthesia, muscle relaxation, and ________ in animals such as horses, cattle and other non-human mammals.
AnalgesicDissociativeStimulantNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

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