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Xuchang: Quiz


Question 1: It borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the northwest, ________ to the northeast, Zhoukou to the east, Luohe to the southeast, and Pingdingshan to the southwest.

Question 2: In 220, Cao Cao's son and successor ________ officially declared the city as the capital of the newly-established state of Wei.
Cao PiCao RenZhang HeXu Huang

Question 3: After finding the ________ capital Luoyang ravaged by war, Cao moved the imperial court and the emperor to what is now Xuchang in 196.
Ming DynastyTang DynastyHan DynastySong Dynasty

Question 4: In 2008, a skull (probably ________) approximately 80,000 to 100,000 years old was found in Xuchang.
Homo erectusHuman evolutionHomo floresiensisHomo ergaster

Question 5: On 18 December 2006, the Oromia Region government in ________ signed an agreement with Henan Province to establish a sister city program with Ambo.

Question 6: Xuchang served as the warlord ________'s de facto capital during the Three Kingdoms Period.
Cao RenCao CaoGuan YuLiu Bei

Question 7: According to tradition, the city was named after Xu, an ancient state led by tribal leader Xuyou during the ________ of the Zhou Dynasty.
Warring States PeriodSpring and Autumn PeriodQin (state)Qin Dynasty

Question 8: Xuchang is an important center of the Chinese ________ industry.
TobaccoTobacco productsTobacco smokingNicotiana

Question 9: Xuchang (simplified Chinese: 许昌traditional Chinese: 許昌pinyin: Xǔchāng; Postal map spelling: Hsuchang) is a prefecture-level city in central ________ province, People's Republic of China.
HenanXingyangDengzhouQi County, Kaifeng

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