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Question 1: Xournal saves in an XML-based format (similar to ________) which is then compressed with gzip.
SVG animationHTMLScalable Vector GraphicsCascading Style Sheets

Question 2: Xournal supports annotation of ________ files through the Poppler library; PDF files, much like paper styles, are loaded as an immutable background image.
HTMLOffice Open XMLOpenDocumentPortable Document Format

Question 3: It can also be used on platforms without Java support, such as the Maemo 4 (OS2008) platform running on the Nokia N800 and Nokia N810 Internet Tablets[3] and the ________ 5 platform running on the Nokia N900 smartphone[4].
Stable Hybrid ReleaseAndroid (operating system)Symbian OSMaemo

Question 4: "________" which can either delete everything in its radius of operation (potentially breaking strokes up), act as a white pen ("whiteout") mode or delete the whole length of any continuous stroke in the affected area
PlasticEraserNatural rubberPencil

Question 5: Xournal is a notetaking application similar to Windows Journal, Jarnal and Gournal, written for ________.
LinuxGNUOpenSolarisSCO-Linux controversies

Question 6: A "________" with optional sensitivity to pressure data from the tablet driver, operating at five different preset thickness levels
Dip penFountain penPenBallpoint pen

Question 7: Being a native program it runs considerably faster and also has support for the high subpixel resolution provided by the XInput system of X11, and by most Graphics Tablets and ________ displays.
Personal computerLaptopTablet PCUltra-Mobile PC


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