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Xiuhcoatl: Quiz


Question 1: [10] This incident is illustrated on a fragment of broken sculpture excavated from the Great Temple of ________.
MesoamericaLake TexcocoMexico CityTenochtitlan

Question 2: [8] It was a lightning-like weapon borne by ________.
Aztec religionChalchiuhtlicueHuitzilopochtliAztec mythology

Question 3: In ________, Xiuhcoatl was a mythological serpent, it was regarded as the spirit form of Xiuhtecuhtli, the Aztec fire deity, and was also an atlatl wielded by Huitzilopochtli.
TezcatlipocaAztec religionAztec mythologyQuetzalcoatl

Question 4: In ________, the word xihuitl means "year", "turquoise" and grass".
Nahua peoplesMesoamerican languagesMayan languagesNahuatl

Question 5: Xiuhcoatl was a common subject of Aztec art, including illustrations in ________ and its use as a back ornament on representations of both Xiuhtecuhtlu and Huitzilopochtli.
Aztec warfareAztec codicesAztlánNahuatl

Question 6: Xiuhcoatl is a ________ word that literally translates as "turquoise serpent"; it also carries the symbolic and descriptive meaning, "fire serpent".
Nahuatl orthographyClassical NahuatlSpanish languageEnglish language

Question 7: All three of these concepts were associated with fire in central ________ during the Postclassic, with dry grass and the solar year being closely identified with fire and solar heat.
MexicoPhilippinesNicaraguaUnited States

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