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Xiph.Org Foundation: Quiz


Question 1: Xiph.Org Foundation is a non-profit organization[6] that produces free ________ formats and software tools.
The artsFilmElectronic mediaMultimedia

Question 2: Chris Montgomery, creator of the ________ container format, founded the Xiphophorus company and later the Xiph.Org Foundation.
OggSpeexVorbisFree Lossless Audio Codec

Question 3: These include ________, an audio codec designed for speech, and FLAC, a lossless audio codec.
CELTSpeexTTA (codec)WavPack

Question 4: In 2008 the ________ listed the Xiph.Org projects as High Priority Free Software Projects.
Free Software FoundationCopyleftFree software movementDigital rights management

Question 5: In addition to its in-house development work, the Foundation has also brought several already-existing but complementary ________ projects under its aegis, most of which have a separate, active group of developers.
Free softwareLinuxProprietary softwareOpen-source software

Question 6:
  • ________ - a lossy audio compression format and software
    VorbisFree Lossless Audio CodecTheoraOgg

Question 7: ________ - a lossy speech compression format and software
WavPackFree Lossless Audio CodecCELTSpeex

Question 8: ________ - a lossy video compression format and software
VorbisOggFree Lossless Audio CodecTheora

Question 9: Current development work is focusing on Theora, an open and patent-free video format and codec designed to compete with the patented ________, RealVideo, and Windows Media Video.
MPEG-1MPEG-2Moving Picture Experts GroupMPEG-4

Question 10: It focuses on the Ogg family of formats, the most successful of which has been Vorbis, an open and patent-free audio format and codec designed to compete with the patented ________ and AAC.
MP3Windows Media AudioMPEG-1Audio compression (data)


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