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Xianyang: Quiz


Question 1: In 221 BC ________ eliminated all six other vassal states to establish the first centralized empire in Chinese history.
Qin Shi HuangHan DynastyQin (state)Xiang Yu

Question 2: It was the capital of the state of Qin during the Warring States Period and became the capital of China during the short-lived ________.
Tang DynastyMing DynastyQin DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 3: The Emperor had a lavish mausoleum built near the capital, complete with his ________.
Mount TaiDujiangyan Irrigation SystemMount HuangTerracotta Army

Question 4: Liu Bang went on to capture Xianyang, but was forced to hand it over to another rebel leader, ________, whose army greatly outnumbered Liu Bang's.
Fan ZengXiang YuChu–Han contentionZhang Liang (Western Han)

Question 5: The city site was located a few ________ to the northwest of present-day Xi'an.

Question 6: At the beginning of December 207 BC, then King of Qin Ziying surrendered to rebel leader ________.
Zhang Liang (Western Han)Chu–Han contentionXiang YuEmperor Gaozu of Han

Question 7: Xianyang (simplified Chinese: 咸阳traditional Chinese: 咸陽pinyin: Xiányáng; Sienyang; Hsienyang; IPA: [ɕi̯ɛni̯ɑŋ]) is a city in ________ province, near Xi'an.
Hu CountyBaqiao DistrictShaanxiLantian County

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