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Xianxingzhe: Quiz


Question 1: In 2003, the nation of Japan declared ________.
DebtBankruptcyInsolvencyBond (finance)

Question 2: A modification called Parallel Worlds for ________ features the Senkousha as an operable vehicle, complete with crotch mounted cannon.
Battlefield 2Battlefield 2142Battlefield 1942Battlefield Vietnam

Question 3: Because of the chaos, ________ and territorial disputes were frequent.
Al-QaedaTerrorismPakistan and state terrorismIslamic terrorism

Question 4: In conclusion, the author of the article expressed his worries about ________, seeing the destructive power that the robot possesses (including the ability to make people die laughing).
World peaceDemocracyCapitalismGlobalization

Question 5: Now, because of Senkousha, that standard has risen to 10,000.) The articles officially started the Senkousha craze in Japan, and later ________.
PhilippinesTaiwanTaiwanese aboriginesTaiwanese people

Question 6: The robot is depicted in the anime ________ dancing past the Aasu's house.
Excel SagaPuni Puni PoemySailor MoonBobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Question 7: But on 20 July 2013, during an end-of-war memorial parade in ________, an unknown armed RA unit opened fire on the parade.
Tiananmen SquareBeijingForbidden CityMao Zedong

Question 8: Xianxingzhe (Chinese: 先行者pinyin: Xiānxíngzhě; literally "forerunner") is the first bipedal humanoid robot in China, created in 2000 by the Chinese National University of Defense Technology in ________, Hunan.

Question 9: In the end, it was said that it wasn't American intervention or ________ that ended the war, it was a new Communist robot and an Ace pilot that did.
Nuclear proliferationNuclear weaponNuclear weapons testingNuclear arms race

Question 10: In the twenty-third episode of ________, Lan-lan, the artificial human from China is seen riding on top of a robot who looks like Senkousha during the chase scene.

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