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Xerophyte: Quiz


Question 1: An example of this is the ________ whose seeds lie dormant during drought and then, flower and form seeds within four weeks of rainfall.
AlfalfaArizonaCalifornia poppyUnited States

Question 2: They include the ________ family which typically have stems that are round and store a lot of water.
PlantCactusFlowering plantOrchidaceae

Question 3: Short-lived annuals can often ________ following rainfall.
PlantGerminationSeedFlowering plant

Question 4: This loss of water vapour from the leaves is called transpiration, and the water vapour diffuses through open ________ in the leaf.
Cell wallPhotosynthesisAlgaeStoma

Question 5: ________ - typically store water in stems or leaves.
AizoaceaeSucculent plantCrassulacean acid metabolismAsclepiadoideae


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