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Xenophobia: Quiz


Question 1: The first is a population group present within a ________ that is not considered part of that society.
SocietyPolitical philosophyJürgen HabermasDemocracy

Question 2: All cultures are subject to external influences, but cultural xenophobia is often narrowly directed, for instance, at foreign ________ in a national language.
English languageFrench languageLoanwordGerman language

Question 3: This form of xenophobia can elicit or facilitate hostile and violent reactions, such as mass expulsion of immigrants, pogroms or in the worst case, ________.
Ethnic cleansingRacial segregationRacismGenocide

Question 4: This arguably separates xenophobia from ________ and ordinary prejudice in that someone of a different race does not necessarily have to be of a different nationality.
South Africa under apartheidRacial segregationEthnic cleansingRacism

Question 5: As with all ________, a xenophobic person has to genuinely think or believe at some level that the target is in fact a foreigner.
Social anxiety disorderMental disorderBipolar disorderPhobia

Question 6: Often they are recent ________, but xenophobia may be directed against a group which has been present for centuries, or became part of this society through conquest and territorial expansion.
Immigration to the United Kingdom since 1922ImmigrationImmigration to SpainImmigration to Europe

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