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Xenogears Original Soundtrack: Quiz


Question 1: [9] Other influences on the soundtrack include ________ on the desert town theme "Dazil, Town of Scorching Sands", and religious music, in keeping with the game's storyline.
Arabic musicMiddle Eastern musicArabic pop musicRaï

Question 2: The Xenogears Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to Square's console role-playing game ________.
XenogearsValkyrie Profile 2: SilmeriaProfessor Layton and the Curious VillageSonic Riders

Question 3: It was composed by ________ and contains 44 tracks, including a Bulgarian choral song and two pieces performed by the Irish singer Joanne Hogg.
Kenji ItoYasunori MitsudaChrono TriggerNobuo Uematsu

Question 4: ________ – Veliko Totev, Nikolay Varionov, Karlo Hristov, Peter Todorov, Alexander Alexandrov

Question 5: [7] Titled ________ and released in April 1998, the arranged album features 10 instrumental and vocal tracks from the soundtrack arranged in a more dominant Celtic style.
CreidXenogears Original SoundtrackXenogearsYasunori Mitsuda

Question 6: An arranged version of the soundtrack, titled ________, was also released by Mitsuda.
XenogearsYasunori MitsudaXenogears Original SoundtrackCreid

Question 7: Hiroshi Hata – ________, acoustic guitar
Electric Guitar DesignElectric guitarBass guitarLead guitar

Question 8: Hogg's songs were recorded in two days in ________, Ireland in 1996; they featured the Riverdance musician Davy Spillane on low whistle.

Question 9: ________ – Benedikt Molhov, Dentcho Belev, Ivan Rendov

Question 10: His prediction would later turn true with the popularity of the American film Titanic and the ________ show Riverdance.
Irish danceIrelandNorthern IrelandIrish stepdance

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