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XM Satellite Radio: Quiz


Question 1: ________
XM Satellite Radio channel historyDeep TracksNashville!KISS-XM

Question 2: ________ started carrying prerecorded XM content in March 2006.
American AirlinesUnited AirlinesDelta Air LinesContinental Airlines

Question 3: May 28: the ________ reports that XM has awarded the contract for the XM 5 spacecraft to Space Systems/Loral.
The TimesThe Wall Street JournalNew York PostDow Jones & Company

Question 4:
What type of company is XM Satellite Radio?
Subsidiary of Sirius XM Radio
National Radio Network
Commercial Radio
DTH satellite provider & Radio Network

Question 5: The first day's programming consists of episodes of ________'s Theme Time Radio Hour.
Bob DylanThe Basement TapesPlanet WavesBefore the Flood

Question 6:
When was XM Satellite Radio founded?
Mountain View, California 2001
2001 in Birmingham, Alabama by Harbert Management Corporation
2001 by ECC

Question 7: The RIAA claims these devices are equivalent to a downloading service, whereas XM contends the devices are protected under the 1992 ________.
Gramophone recordMiniDiscAudio Home Recording ActMusic industry

Question 8: October 4: "Shock" jocks ________ begin broadcasting on a premium ($1.99/month extra) XM Satellite Radio station.
Opie and AnthonyJim Norton (comedian)Ron and FezWXRK

Question 9: Gary Parsons leaves ________ to join American Mobile as its CEO and President.
Sprint NextelMCI CommunicationsAmerican Telephone & TelegraphAT&T

Question 10:
What is the company slogan of XM Satellite Radio?
Beyond AM. Beyond FM. XM.
Building the next generation of business systems


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