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Question 1: Daggers (†) mark IPA symbols that have recently been added to ________.
Universal Character SetUTF-8Han unificationUnicode

Question 2: The Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (X-SAMPA) is a variant of SAMPA developed in 1995 by John C. Wells, professor of phonetics at the ________.
London Metropolitan UniversityCity University LondonImperial College LondonUniversity of London

Question 3: The result is a SAMPA-inspired recasting of the IPA into 7-bit ________.
Windows-1252ASCIIISO/IEC 8859-1Code page 437

Question 4: It was designed to unify the individual language SAMPA alphabets, and extend SAMPA to cover the entire range of characters in the ________ (IPA).
International Phonetic AlphabetVelar nasalX-SAMPAVoiceless alveolar fricative

Question 5: Except for ~ for nasalization, = for syllabicity, and ` for ________ and rhotacization, diacritics are joined to the character with the underscore character _.
Alveolo-palatal consonantAlveolar consonantRetroflex consonantPostalveolar consonant

Question 6: However, as ________ support for IPA symbols becomes more widespread, the necessity for a separate, computer-readable system for representing the IPA in ASCII decreases.
Han unificationUniversal Character SetUTF-8Unicode

Question 7: SAMPA was devised as a hack to work around the inability of ________ to represent IPA symbols.
ASCIICharacter encodingUTF-8Unicode


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