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X-Men: Quiz


Question 1: This is primarily known in the X-Men universe as the home of ________'s laboratory.
Moira MacTaggertWarren Worthington IIINightcrawler (comics)Forge (comics)

Question 2: Notable additions to the X-Men during this time were ________, Forge, Longshot, Psylocke, Rogue, and Rachel Summers.
Pyro (comics)Nightcrawler (comics)DazzlerIceman (comics)

Question 3:
Who played Logan/Wolverine the movie X-Men?
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman
Ian McKellen
James Marsden

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did X-Men have?
1994-95 Rugby Football League season
Member for Parramatta

Question 5: To the outside world, it had acted as a higher learning institute until the 2000s, when Xavier is exposed as a mutant, and it becomes a full mutant ________.
Boarding schoolUniversity-preparatory schoolPrivate schoolPublic school (privately funded)

Question 6:
Who played Ororo Munroe/Storm the movie X-Men?
Famke Janssen
Catherine Disher
Halle Berry
Anna Paquin

Question 7:
Who played Rogue/Marie D'Ancanto the movie X-Men?
Halle Berry
Catherine Disher
Anna Paquin
Famke Janssen

Question 8:

Question 9:
What role did Anna Paquin play in the movie X-Men?
Ororo Munroe/Storm
Rogue/Marie D'Ancanto
Jean Grey

Question 10:
Who played Hepzibah the movie X-Men?
Halle Berry
Catherine Disher
Catherine Disher
Anna Paquin

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