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Wyoming: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
What is the motto of Wyoming?
"Not to Equal but Excel."
Peace, Liberty, and Equality for All!
Equality Before the Law
Equal rights

Question 3: This led to the creation of ________, which became the world's first national park in 1872.
Absaroka-Beartooth WildernessYellowstone National ParkBitterroot National ForestGlacier National Park (U.S.)

Question 4:
What role did Goes in the Lodge play in the movie Wyoming?
Chief Chapulti
Chief Big Cloud
'Reb' Harkness
Lt. Jack Colton

Question 5:

Question 6:
What is Wyoming's nickname?
Duck-raising Capital of the Philippines
Laskar Khatulistiwa
Equality State ;
The Imps / The Red Imps

Question 7:
Which of the following is South of Wyoming?

Question 8:

Question 9:
Who played Lila Regan the movie Wyoming?
Virginia Grey
Dorothy Sebastian
Virginia Grey
Ann Rutherford

Question 10:
Which of the following came before Wyoming?

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