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Wyandotte Caves: Quiz


Question 1: [5] The earliest recorded people to enter the cave was Governor ________ and Colonel Charles Floyd, who entered the cave in search of saltpeter in 186.
Warren G. HardingAndrew JacksonWilliam Henry HarrisonThomas R. Marshall

Question 2: The Native Americans used torches made of hickory bark and grape vines to light their way into the cave where they mined for ________, which they used to make stone tools.

Question 3: Cave ________ can often be seen in the entrance area of Wyandotte cave.

Question 4: Shortly thereafter Wyandotte cave became known as an excellent source of saltpeter, which is an integral component of gunpowder, and of ________, which have medical uses.
Calcium gluconateAntiarrhythmic agentSorbitolMagnesium sulfate

Question 5: The temperature inside both caves maintains a constant 52 degrees Fahrenheit (about 11 degrees ________).
JoulePascal (unit)KelvinCelsius

Question 6: The ________ was formed at this time, and today flows only minutes from Wyandotte Caves.
Ohio RiverIndianaWest VirginiaKentucky

Question 7: Adams' vats and hoppers, and point out where ________ (the chemical name of Epsom salt) is visible as a glittery substance lining the cave walls.
SorbitolMagnesium sulfateAntiarrhythmic agentCalcium gluconate

Question 8: The other three are ________, Bluespring Caverns, and Squire Boone Caverns.
Wyandotte CavesHoosier Prairie State Nature PreserveTurkey Run State ParkMarengo Cave

Question 9: Indiana is home to 12 native species of ________.
Even-toed ungulatePrimateBatMammal

Question 10: [2] Like most of Southern Indiana's caves, the caves were formed when ________ dissolved limestone, causing hollow caves to form.
OxygenEarthWaterWater resources


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