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Question 1: In 1644, Wu opened the gates of the Great Wall of China at Shanhai Pass to let Manchu soldiers, enemies of the Empire which he served, into ________.
China properXinjiangBeijingHebei

Question 2: He made his capital at Hengzhou (衡州), which is now ________, Hunan.
HengyangChangshaChangning, HunanLeiyang

Question 3: Considered by traditional scholars as a traitor to both the Ming and the Qing dynasties, Wu declared himself ________ as ruler of the Zhou Dynasty in 1678, but his revolt was quelled by the Qing Kangxi Emperor.
Han DynastyEmperor of ChinaMing DynastyQing Dynasty

Question 4: Wu was born in Gaoyou, ________ Province to Wu Xiang (吳襄).
Jiangning DistrictJianye DistrictLuhe DistrictJiangsu


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