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Question 1: When one or more registers of a language come to be strongly divergent from spoken language, the resulting situation is called ________.
French languageDialect continuumEnglish languageDiglossia

Question 2: However, ________ may be in effect purely written when only their writings survive.
Na-Dene languagesGaagudju languageExtinct languageChumashan languages

Question 3: A written language exists only as a complement to a specific spoken or gestural language, and no ________ is purely written.
Natural languageAntónio DamásioThoughtPerception

Question 4: A written language is the representation of a ________ by means of a writing system.

Question 5: Native readers and writers of English are often unaware that the complexities of ________ make written English a somewhat artificial construct.
Latin alphabetAlphabetSpelling reformEnglish orthography

Question 6: However, such diglossia is often considered as one language, between ________ and other registers, especially if the writing system reflects its pronunciation.
Literary languageGerman languageRoman EmpireVulgar Latin

Question 7: Written language is an ________ in that it must be taught to children, who will instinctively learn or create spoken or gestural languages.
InventionFrench inventions and discoveriesDutch inventions and discoveriesEnglish inventions and discoveries


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