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Question 1: [1] In the British ________, writer is the trade designation for an administrative clerk.
HMS Illustrious (R06)Royal NavyHMS Ocean (L12)HMS Ark Royal (R07)

Question 2: Skilled writers are able to use language to portray ________ and images, whether fiction or non-fiction.
IdeaRené DescartesGottfried LeibnizMartin Heidegger

Question 3: A writer may compose in many different forms including (but certainly not limited to) poetry, prose, or ________.
Classical musicMusic theoryMusicMusical notation

Question 4: (See also: creative writing, technical writing and ________ papers.)
HumanitiesAcademic degreeAcademiaUniversity

Question 5: The word is almost synonymous with ________, though somebody who writes, for example, a laundry list, could technically be called the writer of the list, but not an author.
ProofreadingAuthorEditingCopy (written)

Question 6: Accordingly, a writer in specialist mode may rank as a poet, novelist, copywriter, composer, lyricist, playwright, mythographer, journalist, screenwriter for ________ or television, etc.
Independent filmMovie theaterFilmmakingFilm

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