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Wreck-Gar: Quiz


Question 1: His next appearance was as a prisoner of the Quintessons, whose homeworld was dying due to the time rift caused by Galvatron, ________ and Scourge staying in the past.
UnicronTransformers: UniverseCyclonusBotCon

Question 2: Unfortunately a badly timed assault by Rodimus Prime and the ________ caused a tremor which nearly buried Wreck-Gar.
Soundwave (Transformers)Ravage (Transformers)Transformers: UniverseDinobots

Question 3: In the initial toy commercial for Wreck-Gar, he was depicted fighting ________ Triple Changer Springer.
BotConAutobotTransformers: UniverseThe Transformers (TV series)

Question 4: Despite the space craft being crushed and destroyed by Unicron, all aboard (which included not only Wreck-Gar but ________ and Ultra Magnus) apparently survived.
Prowl (Transformers)PerceptorGrimlockShockwave (Transformers)

Question 5: run of the Transformers comic, the ________ version of the comic would make heavy use of Wreck-Gar and the movie cast in order to fill in the gaps between reprinted US material.
Marvel UKMarvel ComicsCaptain BritainDoctor Who Magazine

Question 6: In the movie, the voice for his character was provided by ________, of Monty Python fame.
John CleeseEric IdleAll You Need Is CashMichael Palin

Question 7: It was suggested in the episode that Goo was a ________ of Junkion.
MunicipalityDependent territoryCityColony

Question 8: He had a different voice, and it was implied he was allied with the ________.
DecepticonSoundwave (Transformers)Shockwave (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)

Question 9: Wreck-Gar made his final appearance in ________ part 1.
BotConList of Transformers TV seriesThe Transformers (TV series)List of The Transformers episodes

Question 10: Wreck-Gar first appeared in "Garbage In, Garbage Out" where he is created from a pile of junk by energy from the ________.
Transformers (film)The Transformers (TV series)AllSparkSoundwave (Transformers)


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