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Question 1: Wraeththu are the subject of a ________, From Enchantment to Fulfilment, released in 2005 by Immanion Press [1].
Role-playing gameRole-playing game termsLive action role-playing gameRole-playing game (pen and paper)

Question 2: The fandom is especially strong among the ________, although in recent years fans of slash fiction, anime and manga have also gravitated toward Wraeththu.
Gothic fictionGoth subcultureGothic rockDeathrock

Question 3: Since then additional Grissecon events have been held as part of Lunacon (2004 & 2005), ________ (2004) and Feencon (2005).
Julius SchwartzNeil GaimanDragon ConEdward E. Kramer

Question 4: In 2005, Constantine released a new Wraeththu ________ called The Hienama: A Story of the Sulh, separate from the storylines of the two trilogies.
NovellaShort storySatirePoetry

Question 5: In 2003 a convention called Grissecon, held in ________, England, was the first-ever Wraeththu fan gathering.

Question 6: The Wraeththu (pronounced ray-thoo) are a sci-fi post-apocalyptic hermaphroditic species which evolved from humanity in the Wraeththu novels, created by British science fiction and ________ author Storm Constantine.
FantasySpeculative fictionFairy talePoetry

Question 7: On July 31 and August 1 2004, a Wraeththu ________ event was in the USA at Realms of Ruin paintball field, Wilmington, IL (near Chicago).
PaintballCurlingAmerican footballBroomball

Question 8: The book follows the story of a member of the Sulh tribe who seeks a hienama, or Wraeththu ________, for training, and gets more deeply entangled in his education than he expected.
PolytheismMircea EliadeReligionShamanism

Question 9: Storm Constantine not only allows but fully supports ________, to the delight of fans who have written and published many stories online, most of them hosted on the Forever Wraeththu web site.
Science fiction fandomFan fictionAnime and manga fandomLegal issues with fan fiction

Question 10: The Wraeththu, however, are a new species, born from a ________ of unknown origin; Constantine implies an apocalypse, but the history is mysterious.
MutationPopulation geneticsEvolutionSpeciation

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