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Worry: Quiz


Question 1: One theory of anxiety by Liebert and Morris in 1967 suggests that ________ consists of two components; worry and emotionality.
AnxietyMental confusionAngerHostility

Question 2: Emotionality refers to physiological symptoms such as sweating, increased heart beat and raised ________.
VasodilationBlood pressureCirculatory systemRenin-angiotensin system

Question 3: In ________, worry is described as a response to a moderate challenge for which the subject has inadequate skills.
Clinical psychologyEmotionEducational psychologyPositive psychology

Question 4: Worry refers to negative self-talk that often distracts the ________ from focusing on solutions to the problem at hand.
AristotleGottfried LeibnizMonismMind

Question 5: Excessive worry is the main component of ________.
Benzodiazepine dependenceSocial anxiety disorderBenzodiazepine withdrawal syndromeGeneralized anxiety disorder


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