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World music: Quiz


Question 1: Arguably popular interest was sparked with the release in 1986 of ________'s Graceland album.
Art GarfunkelPaul SimonMrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel

Question 2: The Breton musician ________ pioneered the connection between traditional folk music, modern rock music and world music with his 1970's album Renaissance of the Celtic Harp.
Alan StivellCeltic rockBrittanyCeltic music

Question 3:
World music is a general categorical term for global music, such as the traditional music or folk music of a ________ that is created and played by indigenous musicians and is closely related to the music of the regions of their origin.
FamilyHuman rightsSlaveryCulture

Question 4: However, world music is not exclusively ________.
Roots revivalElectric folkCeltic musicTraditional music

Question 5: The BBC, NPR, and ABC (________) are rich sources for world music where it is possible to listen online as well as read about the artists and history of this genre.
Australian Broadcasting CorporationABC Radio and Regional ContentTelevision in AustraliaABC Television

Question 6: The ________ has been held in July every year since 1981.
Starwood FestivalAssociation for Consciousness ExplorationRobert Anton WilsonMargot Adler

Question 7: The Festival in the Desert takes place every year at Essakane, near Timbuktu, in ________, West Africa and has achieved international status in spite of the difficulties of reaching its location.
NigerBurkina FasoMaliCôte d'Ivoire

Question 8: However, they were aware that the ________ and classical markets had developed a crossover audience and decided that the best way forward would be to have a collective strategy in order to bring the music to a wider audience.
BluesAmerican popular musicDixielandJazz

Question 9: The concept behind the album was to express his own sensibilities using the sounds he had fallen in love with while listening to artists from Southern Africa, including ________ and Savuka.
Ladysmith Black MambazoLadysmith Black Mambazo discographyJoseph ShabalalaSibongiseni Shabalala

Question 10: The press officer would be able to juggle the various deadlines and also be able to sell the music as a concept to, not just the national stations, but also regional ________ who were keen to expand the variety of music they could offer.
TurntablismScratchingDisc jockeyHip hop music


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