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World government: Quiz


Question 1: It incorporates all the independent states of ________.
AmericasLatin AmericaNorth AmericaSouth America

Question 2: In terms of population, its ________ is the largest of any regional organization: almost 1.5 billion people, the combined population of its member states.
Composite Index of National CapabilityHistorical powersSphere of influenceNATO

Question 3: [14] Of particular interest politically are the World Bank, the ________ and the World Trade Organization.
World Bank GroupBasel Committee on Banking SupervisionBretton Woods systemInternational Monetary Fund

Question 4: As of 2010, there is no functioning global international military, executive, legislature, judiciary, or ________, with jurisdiction over the entire planet.
United KingdomConstitutionDemocracyLaw

Question 5: In ________ the "Systems Alliance" (or simply the Alliance) is the human representative body in galactic affairs.
Mass Effect 2Mass EffectDragon Age: OriginsJade Empire

Question 6: World Government is the notion of a single common political authority for all of ________.
MindHomoHuman evolutionHuman

Question 7: The beneficial role of the Roman Empire in relation to Pax Romana was a subject of discourse in ________.
Classical antiquityAncient historyAncient Near EastAchaemenid Empire

Question 8: [10] All members later founded the ________, which aims to unite the entire continent.
Non-Aligned MovementSingaporeAsia Cooperation DialogueASEAN

Question 9: Thus the use of violence is unprohibited throughout the realm and is only checked by the threat of retaliatory violence or nonviolent sanctions (see ________), so where no such threat exists a nation may use violence against another.
Gene SharpColour revolutionNonviolent resistanceUkraine

Question 10: The World Passport is a 45 page document issued by the World Service Authority, a non-profit organization,[6] citing Article 13, Section 2, of the ________.
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsInternational Covenant on Civil and Political RightsDrafting of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsUniversal Declaration of Human Rights


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