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World energy resources and consumption: Quiz


Question 1: [17][18] In November 2007, there were 439 operational ________ worldwide, with total capacity of 372,002 MWe.
PlutoniumUraniumNuclear powerNuclear reactor technology

Question 2: Electricity produced from ________ sources was estimated at 44 GW for 2005.
Ethanol fuelBiofuelBiomassBioenergy

Question 3: ________
List of statistically superlative countriesList of countries by carbon dioxide emissionsList of countries by ratio of GDP to carbon dioxide emissionsList of countries by carbon dioxide emissions per capita

Question 4: Starting in 1965, ________ made large investments in nuclear power and to this date three quarters of its electricity comes from nuclear reactors.
ItalyCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 5: The US consumes 25% of the world's energy with a share of global ________ at 22% and a share of the world population at 5%.
EconomicsJEL classification codesGross domestic productEconomy

Question 6: World production of bioethanol increased by 8% in 2005 to reach 33 billion litres (8.72 billion US gallons), with most of the increase in the United States, bringing it level to the levels of consumption in ________.
MozambiquePortugalBrazilEast Timor

Question 7: ________
List of countries by electricity exportsElectricity by countryList of countries by electricity consumptionList of countries by electricity production from renewable sources

Question 8: The consumption of ________ and solar space heating was estimated at 88 GWt (gigawatts of thermal power) in 2004.
Solar energySolar water heatingSolar powerSolar thermal energy

Question 9: ________
WalesEnglandTransport in the United KingdomEnergy in the United Kingdom

Question 10: The ________ estimates the remaining uranium resources to be equal to 2500 ZJ.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionDenmarkInternational Atomic Energy Agency


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