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World cinema: Quiz


Question 1: As such, the use of the term foreign film for films produced in the UK, ________, Canada or other English speaking countries would be uncommon.

Question 2: Foreign language films that are particularly successful in international markets may be taken on by the large film distribution companies for ________ releases.
HD DVDLaserdiscBlu-ray DiscDVD

Question 3: Foreign language films can be commercial, low brow or ________, so to automatically assume that World cinema is "arty" or intellectual is erroneous.
B movieB movies (The exploitation boom)B movies (Hollywood Golden Age)B movies (1980s to the present)

Question 4: The first foreign and foreign language film to top the North American box office was Hero in the fall of ________.

Question 5: World cinema is a term used primarily in ________ speaking countries to refer to the films and film industries of non-English speaking countries.
English languageCanadaSouth AfricaAmerican English

Question 6: ________ (USA) - Label specialising in films from East Asia.
Sammo HungDragon DynastyChang ChehLau Kar-leung

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