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World Wrestling Council: Quiz


Question 1: In September 20, in the event Septiembre Negro Ray Gonzalez beat ________ to win the vacant WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship.
Chris ParksEric Young (wrestler)Sean MorleyShane Sewell

Question 2: In September 26, in ________, Puerto Rico Noriega Beat BJ to become the first ever WWC Unified Universal Heavyweight Champion.
Carolina, Puerto RicoToa Baja, Puerto RicoCaguas, Puerto RicoBayamón, Puerto Rico

Question 3: In 1983, Rickin Sanchez had taken over as Capitol's main promoter, as well as becoming one of the organization's broadcasters on the ________ shows.
TelevisionVideoClosed captioningMechanical television

Question 4: The World Wrestling Council (WWC) is one of ________'s two main professional wrestling promotions, the other one being the International Wrestling Association.
United States Virgin IslandsSan Juan, Puerto RicoPuerto RicoUnited States

Question 5: Early stars, apart from Colon, included Barrabas, El Tigre Perez, Hugo Savinovich, ________, Huracan Castillo and others.
Roddy PiperBret HartRicky SteamboatGorilla Monsoon

Question 6: Such were the cases of Randy Savage, Ric Flair, ________, Dory Funk, Jr., Dutch Mantell and others.
Stan HansenHarley RaceTerry FunkBruiser Brody

Question 7: The main event was Carlito Caribbean Cool vs ________, because Scott Hall had said in interviews that Carlito is just a “Mini Razor”.
Kevin NashRic FlairJeff JarrettScott Hall

Question 8: In February 7, in Naguabo, ________ Steve Corino beat Ray Gonzalez to become the new Universal Champion.
United StatesUnited States Virgin IslandsSan Juan, Puerto RicoPuerto Rico

Question 9: In March 7 in ________, Puerto Rico WWC make the event "La Hora de la Verdad" (The Hour of the Truth) and in that event 3 championships change hands.
Caguas, Puerto RicoToa Baja, Puerto RicoCarolina, Puerto RicoBayamón, Puerto Rico

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