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World Wide Fund for Nature: Quiz


Question 1:
What area does World Wide Fund for Nature serve?
Asia-Pacific region
Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Latin America
All over Bangladesh
World wide

Question 2:
Who of the following people founded World Wide Fund for Nature?

Question 3: In ________, World Wrestling Entertainment won a limited decision which permitted them to continue marketing certain pre-existing products with the abandoned WWF logo.

Question 4: WWF publishes the Living Planet Index in collaboration with the ________.
Zoological Society of LondonLondon ZooInstitute of ZoologyWhipsnade Zoo

Question 5: In ________, the organization changed its name to World Wide Fund for Nature, to better reflect the scope of its activities, retaining the WWF initials.

Question 6:
When was World Wide Fund for Nature founded?

Question 7: 45% of the fund's income comes from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the ________.

Question 8: It originally worked by fundraising and providing grants to existing non-governmental organizations, based on the best-available scientific knowledge and with an initial focus on the protection of ________.
Polar bearTigerCheetahEndangered species

Question 9: ________, ecoregions identified by the WWF as priorities for conservation
Neotropic ecozoneAfrotropic ecozoneGlobal 200Palearctic ecozone

Question 10: As more resources became available, its operations expanded into other areas such as the preservation of biological diversity, sustainable use of natural resources, the reduction of pollution, and ________.
Little Ice AgeClimate changeMilankovitch cyclesCurrent sea level rise


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