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World Heritage Site: Quiz


Question 1: "to be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and ________";

Question 2: ________
Mexico CityQuerétaro, QuerétaroGuanajuato, GuanajuatoList of World Heritage Sites in the Americas

Question 3: "to be an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a ________ (or cultures), or human interaction with the environment especially when it has become vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change";
CultureSlaveryHuman rightsFamily

Question 4: ________
CyprusBosnia and HerzegovinaTable of World Heritage Sites by countryAzerbaijan

Question 5: Russia and the ________ states are classified as European, while Mexico is classified as belonging to the Latin America & Caribbean zone.
CaucasusAzerbaijanGeorgia (country)Asia

Question 6: ________
FlorenceRomeItalyList of World Heritage Sites in Europe

Question 7: At this point, the file is evaluated by the International Council on Monuments and Sites and the ________.
ExtinctionConservation statusInternational Union for Conservation of NatureEndangered species

Question 8: ________
List of World Heritage Sites in EuropeList of World Heritage Sites in Asia and AustralasiaBeijingPotala Palace

Question 9: Hence, Gough Island, located in the ________, is part of the Europe & North America region because the government of the United Kingdom nominated the site.
Arctic OceanPacific OceanIndian OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 10: The ________ initiated the idea of combining cultural conservation with nature conservation.
United StatesCanadaAlaskaPhilippines


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