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World Geodetic System: Quiz


Question 1: The first version of this text was taken from the ________ booklet Geodesy for the Layman at -- please Wikify as necessary.
Public domainIntellectual propertyCopyright infringementCopyright

Question 2: Steps to the improvement of a global system were the Astrogeoid of ________ and the astronautic Mercury datum.
Moritz SchlickHans HahnIrene FischerPaul Lazarsfeld

Question 3: The coordinate origin of WGS 84 is meant to be located at the Earth's ________; the error is believed to be less than 2 cm.
TireCenter of massVehicle dynamicsCar handling

Question 4: Technical Manual DMA TM 8358.1 - Datums, Ellipsoids, Grids, and Grid Reference Systems at the ________ (NGA)
National Security AgencyNational Reconnaissance OfficeNational Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyDefense Intelligence Agency

Question 5: Western ________ preparedness necessitated a standardised, NATO-wide geospatial reference system, in accordance with the NATO Standardisation Agreement
Central Intelligence AgencyJoseph StalinVietnam WarCold War

Question 6: The World Geodetic System is a standard for use in ________, geodesy, and navigation.
MapGeographic information systemGeographyCartography

Question 7: This geoid defines the nominal sea level surface by means of a ________ series of degree 360 (which provides about 100 km horizontal resolution).
Fourier seriesVector spaceSpherical harmonicsHilbert space

Question 8: The latest revision is WGS 84 (dating from 1984 and last revised in 2004), which will be valid up to about ________.

Question 9: It comprises a standard coordinate frame for the ________, a standard spheroidal reference surface (the datum or reference ellipsoid) for raw altitude data, and a gravitational equipotential surface (the geoid) that defines the nominal sea level.

Question 10: WGS 84 is the reference coordinate system used by the ________.
Inertial navigation systemCompassF-15 EagleGlobal Positioning System


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