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World Bank Group: Quiz


Question 1: The President of the World Bank is nominated by the ________ and elected by the Bank's Board of Governors.
United States Marine CorpsMilitary history of the United StatesUnited States NavyPresident of the United States

Question 2:
What type is thing is World Bank Group?
International organization
R-12, Private, International, co-educational
International Organization of Member Schools
IC, Trilingual,Thai, International

Question 3:
What is the leader of World Bank Group called?
City Treasurer
Municipal manager
Governing Body

Question 4: On May 30, 2007, US President ________ nominated former deputy secretary of state Robert Zoellick to succeed Paul Wolfowitz as President of the World Bank.
George H. W. BushDick CheneyRonald ReaganGeorge W. Bush

Question 5:
When was World Bank Group formed?

Question 6: ________ (April 1968–June 1981)
Lyndon B. JohnsonRobert McNamaraJohn F. KennedyGeorge Marshall

Question 7: ________ (March 1947–June 1949)
James MonroeWilliam Howard TaftJohn J. McCloyCyrus Vance

Question 8: [2] As of November 1, 2006 the United States held 16.4% of total votes, Japan 7.9%, Germany 4.5%, and ________ and the United Kingdom each held 4.3%.

Question 9: Two countries, Venezuela and ________, have recently withdrawn from the World Bank.

Question 10: He graduated magna cum laude from ________ and Phi Beta Kappa from Swarthmore College.
Harvard UniversityYale Law SchoolHarvard Law SchoolHarvard Business School


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