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Question 1: "Into the Fire" written by Christos Gage with artist Ivan Reis, featuring ________
Stormwatch: Team AchillesThe AuthorityStormwatch (comics)Superhero

Question 2: The Authority[14][15] by Dan Abnett/________[16] and Simon Coleby[17]
Andy LanningKeith GiffenKev WalkerChristos Gage

Question 3: "Slayton: Gauntlet", written by Christos Gage with artist Mike McKone, featuring ________
DeathblowBacklash (comics)Wildstorm UniverseTeam 7 (comics)

Question 4: Stormwatch: Post Human Division #13[18][19] by ________ and Leandro Fernandez/Francisco Paronzini
2005 in comics2000 AD (comics)Ian Edginton2006 in comics

Question 5: Its original purpose was to "warehouse" an army of ________ from that period, and train them to fight against the Apocalypse of Christian (notably Protestant) mythology.
OntologyTranshumanismPosthumanArtificial intelligence

Question 6: Wildcats[11] by ________,[12] Neil Googe[13] and Trevor Hairsine
Dan AbnettNova (comics)Christos GageAndy Lanning

Question 7: The Reapers were also designed to explode after use, as a ________ measure.
Central Intelligence AgencyJohn F. KennedyPlausible deniabilityWaterboarding

Question 8: As a result of this visitation, the ________ warrior known as Nemesis coerces Savant and the new Backlash to research possible endings of the world.
Mister MajesticCoda (Wildstorm)KherubimWildcats (comics)

Question 9: "World's End" is a 2008-2009 comic book crossover storyline published by ________ and taking place in the Wildstorm Universe.
WildStormDC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)Cliffhanger (comics)

Question 10: Both flagship titles, The Authority and Wildcats, were slated to be written by ________ with Wildcats drawn by Jim Lee and The Authority drawn by Gene Ha, but the pair encountered serious delays.
Grant MorrisonThe InvisiblesAnimal ManGrant Morrison bibliography


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