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Question 1: ________), animation and rendering of images, and mathematical plots.
Monte Carlo methodRiemann solverComputational fluid dynamicsComputational physics

Question 2: In some cases, these ________ would still run a traditional OS and perform computations locally, with storage on a remote server.
Operating systemDiskless nodePersonal computerBooting

Question 3: For this reason, almost no workstations are built by the customer themselves but rather purchased from a vendor such as ________, IBM, Sun Microsystems, SGI or Dell.
Hewlett-PackardMicrosoftIntel CorporationCisco Systems

Question 4: Sun has also introduced "________", most notably its Sun Ray product line.
UnixOperating systemThin clientComputer terminal

Question 5: Meanwhile ________'s VLSI Project created several spinoff graphics products as well, notably the SGI 3130, and Silicon Graphics' range of machines that followed.
National Security AgencyDARPADefense Human Resources ActivityDefense Contract Audit Agency

Question 6: The first computer designed for single-users, with high-resolution graphics facilities (and so a workstation in the modern sense of the term) was the Xerox Alto developed at ________ in 1973.
Alan KayButler LampsonPARC (company)Douglas Engelbart

Question 7: For example, some low-end workstations use CISC based processors like the Intel Pentium 4 or ________ Athlon 64 as their CPUs.
AMD K10ATI TechnologiesAdvanced Micro DevicesAMD 700 chipset series

Question 8: A notable example was the PDP-8 from ________, regarded to be the first commercial minicomputer.
PDP-10PDP-11Digital Equipment CorporationProgrammed Data Processor

Question 9: Both of these systems came with the ability to run programs written in ________ and other languages.
Programming paradigmC (programming language)Programming languageFortran

Question 10: As of January 2009 all RISC-based workstation product lines have been discontinued, IBM retiring its ________ line of product at that date.
IBM IntelliStationPentium 4XeonIntel Corporation

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