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Works of Aleister Crowley: Quiz


Question 1: He was also a published ________ and playwright and left behind a large number of personal letters and daily journal entries.
LiteratureLyric poetryNovelPoetry

Question 2: Stele of Revealing
Unicursal Hexagram
Thoth tarot deck
A∴A∴MagickAleister CrowleyAbramelin oil

Question 3: ________.
Ceremonial magicHermetic QabalahThe Book of Thoth (Crowley)Collected Works of Aleister Crowley 1905-1907

Question 4: Many of the important works of ________ are in the form of Libri (lit. "books"), which are usually short documents consisting of core teachings, methodologies, practices, or Thelemic scripture.
Aleister CrowleyCeremonial magicOrdo Templi OrientisBoleskine House

Question 5: ________ (October 12, 1875-December 1, 1947)—mystic, occultist, and mountaineer—was a highly prolific writer, not only on the topic of Thelema and magick, but on philosophy, politics, and culture.
Ordo Templi OrientisCeremonial magicBoleskine HouseAleister Crowley

Question 6: Thelemic mysticism
The Great Work
The Gnostic Mass
AbrahadabraAleister CrowleyHoly Guardian AngelAbyss (Thelema)

Question 7: ________: New Falcon Publications.
Scottsdale, ArizonaTempe, ArizonaPhoenix, ArizonaMesa, Arizona


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