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Works and Days: Quiz


Question 1: Works and Days contains the earliest recorded mention of the star Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens as seen from ________.

Question 2: The poem contains a sharp attack against unjust judges like those who decided in favour of Perses; they are depicted as pocketing ________ as they render their unfair verdicts.

Question 3: It also repeats the story of Prometheus, which is also written in Theogony, and the theft of fire from Zeus and the resulting punishment of man with ________ and her jar with Hope only left inside it.
PandoraGreek mythologyAthenaAphrodite

Question 4: This work lays out the five ________, as well as containing advice and wisdom, prescribing a life of honest labour and attacking idleness and the practice of usury.
Golden AgeHadesGreek mythologyAges of Man

Question 5: Hesiod analyzes the importance of labor and capital that puts an end to man's state of ________.
LeisureJohn NeulingerPersonal lifeEurope

Question 6: Hesiod is often labeled the first ________.
Keynesian economicsFriedrich von HayekEconomistEconomics


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