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Question 1: Some examples include mobility assistance dogs for the physically handicapped, guide dogs for the visually impaired, and hearing dogs for the ________.
PresbycusisHearing impairmentSensorineural hearing lossTinnitus

Question 2: The St. Bernard was historically used in Europe in the case of ________ and lost travelers.

Question 3: ________ locate people who are missing; lost in the wilderness, escaped from nursing homes, covered in snow avalanches, buried under collapsed buildings, etc.
German Shepherd DogObedience trainingSearch and rescue dogPolice dog

Question 4: This might be in comparison to a companion dog, whose purpose is primarily as a ________.

Question 5: ________ are still invaluable to sheep and cattle handlers (stock men) around the world for mustering; different breeds are used for the different jobs involved in stock work and for guarding the flocks and herds.
Australian KelpieBorder CollieCatahoula CurHerding dog

Question 6: ________ use their scenting ability to discover bodies or human remains at the scenes of disasters, crimes, accidents, or suicides.
Dog intelligenceGuard dogPolice dogDog breed

Question 7: ________, dog sports, informal or novelty shows, and trial work are all excellent channels for these breeds' energy.
Dog trainingDog intelligenceObedience trainingDog breed

Question 8: A working dog refers to a canine ________, i.e.
Nonhuman animal-powered transportDomesticationLivestockWorking animal

Question 9: Dogs are commonly used as ________ workers in cases of lost people and disasters.
DefibrillationSearch and rescueEmergency medicineEmergency medical services

Question 10: The breeding of working dogs originated from selecting highly intelligent, hardy, alert ________.
Dog breedMixed-breed dogConformation showDog hybrid


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