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Question 1: Most dogs today are kept as ________ rather than for any particular work.

Question 2: Lapdogs may work as therapy dogs, ________ may work livestock, and guard dogs may work at defense of people or property.
Border CollieCatahoula CurAustralian KelpieHerding dog

Question 3: In areas of the world where livestock production is economically important, ________ dogs are placed in the Working Group.
OperaShepherdJohn MiltonPastoral

Question 4: Working Group is not a term used by the international kennel club association, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, which more finely divides its breed groupings by ________ and breed history.
Dog hybridDog breedDog typeAncient dog breeds

Question 5: In the rest of the world, such dogs are placed in a Herding Group or Pastoral Group, and dogs that were traditionally bred for guarding, rescue, police or messenger work, as well as large ________ type dogs, are placed in the Working Group.
Dog typeAncient dog breedsSpitzDog breed

Question 6: ________ includes all types of working dogs
RabiesWorking dogDog breedCoat (dog)

Question 7: Working Group is the name of a breed Group of dogs, used by kennel clubs to classify a defined collection of ________.
Ancient dog breedsDog breedGuard dogCoat (dog)

Question 8: These breeds may also be placed in a kennel club's ________.
Working Group (dogs)Utility GroupCanaan DogSiberian Husky


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