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Workforce: Quiz


Question 1: In the event of industrial unrest, unions provide a co-ordinating role in organising ballots of the workforce, and ________.
Lockout (industry)Strike actionLabour lawLabor rights

Question 2: One's finances are commonly dependent upon one's ________, customers, wages and inflation; furthermore, one can feel useful without being a member of the workforce.
FlextimeUnemploymentWage slaveryEmployment

Question 3: It is generally used to describe those working for a single company or ________, but can also apply to a geographic region like a city, country, state, etc.
IndustryEconomicsIndustrialisationIndustrial Revolution

Question 4: The term generally excludes the ________ or management, and implies those involved in manual labour.
EmploymentFlextimeWage slaveryUnemployment


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