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Workers Party of Ireland: Quiz


Question 1: In the past the party had close links to the ________.
The TroublesOfficial Irish Republican ArmyProvisional Irish Republican ArmyIrish National Liberation Army

Question 2: In their analysis, the primary obstacle to ________ was the continuing division between the Protestant and Catholic working classes.
United IrelandIrelandIrish nationalismNorthern Ireland

Question 3: The Workers Party of Ireland (Irish: Páirtí na nOibrithe), is a left-wing republican political party in ________.
WalesIrelandIrish peopleNorthern Ireland

Question 4: An equally contentious issue was whether to or not to continue with the policy of ________, that is, the refusal of elected representatives to take their seats in parliament; a majority of the leadership was in favour of abandoning this policy.
Northern IrelandIrish nationalismAbstentionismSinn Féin

Question 5: This led to the formation of the ________ (IRSP) with Seamus Costello, who had been expelled from the OIRA, as its chairperson.
Republican Sinn FéinSocialist Workers Party (Ireland)Irish Republican Socialist PartySinn Féin

Question 6: Also formed was its paramilitary wing, the ________ (INLA).
Continuity Irish Republican ArmyIrish National Liberation ArmyProvisional Irish Republican ArmyOfficial Irish Republican Army

Question 7: Although Mac Giolla was to lose his seat in the general election later that year he would be elected ________ in 1993.
John GormleyMichael Mulcahy (Irish politician)Lord Mayor of DublinBertie Ahern

Question 8: A growing minority within the rank-and-file wanted to maintain traditional militarist policies aimed at ending British rule in ________.
Northern IrelandUnited KingdomScotlandIrish people

Question 9: ________
Éire Nua
Armalite and Ballot Box
New Departure
Sinn FéinAbstentionismNorthern IrelandIrish nationalism

Question 10: It aimed to replace sectarian politics with a class struggle which would unite ________ and Protestant workers.
CatholicismEcumenical councilCatholicBishop


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