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Workers' self-management: Quiz


Question 1: After May 68 in ________, Lip factory, a clockwork factory based in Besançon, became self-managed starting in 1973, after the management's decision to liquidate it.
ItalyCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 2: Autogestion was first theorized by ________ during the first part of the 19th century.
Pierre-Joseph ProudhonMax StirnerLibertarian socialismAnarchism

Question 3: The life expectancy (which was about 72 years) and living standards of Yugoslav citizens was nearly equal to the life expectancy and living standards of citizens of “western” capitalist countries such as the ________.
United StatesCanadaPhilippinesAlaska

Question 4: Rather, such social movements were completely dismantled during the so-called "________" in the 1970s.
Jorge Rafael VidelaArgentinaDirty WarOperation Condor

Question 5: Due to Yugoslavia's neutrality and its leading role in the ________, Yugoslav companies exported to both Western and Eastern markets.
Non-Aligned MovementFidel CastroAfghanistanNATO

Question 6: The philosophy of workers' self-management has been promoted by the ________ (IWW) since its founding in the United States in 1905.
Industrial Workers of the WorldAnarcho-syndicalismSyndicalismTimeline of labor issues and events

Question 7: The phenomenon is also known as "autogestion," which comes from the French word for self-management (applied to factories, ________ systems, and other uses).
Popular educationEscuela ModernaIndividualist anarchismAnarchism

Question 8: One significant experiment with workers' self-management took place during the ________ (1936-1939).
Anarchist CataloniaConfederación Nacional del TrabajoAnarchismSpanish Revolution

Question 9: In Argentina's recovered factories movement, workers took over control of the factories in which they had worked, commonly after ________, or after a factory occupation to circumvent a lockout.
DebtBankruptcyBond (finance)Insolvency

Question 10: In the 1950s, at the height of the ________, Titoist Yugoslavia advocated a socialist version of autogestion, leading to a break with Moscow, which practiced central planning and state ownership of industry.
Central Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarCold WarJoseph Stalin


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