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Question 1: For example, ________ has ionization energy 3.9 eV and work function 2.14 eV.

Question 2: The magnitude of the work function is usually about a half of the ________ of a free atom of the metal.
Periodic tableChemistryIonization energyAluminium

Question 3: Photoelectron emission spectroscopy (PES) is the general term for ________ techniques based on the outer photoelectric effect.
Analytical chemistryAtomic absorption spectroscopyAtomic emission spectroscopySpectroscopy

Question 4: Thermionic emission—electrons escaping from the heated negatively-charged filament (________)—is important in the operation of vacuum tubes.
Hot cathodeYttriumZirconiumBarium

Question 5: According to the Richardson-Dushman equation the emitted electron ________ J (A/m2) is related to the absolute temperature T by the equation:
CapacitanceCurrent densityMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equations

Question 6: ________, the common choice for vacuum tube filaments, has a work function of approximately 4.5 eV.

Question 7: If, as in the diagram right, we define the Fermi Energy EF from the bottom of the well, the results reported in the Wiki page ________ are applicable.
ElectronFermi energySemiconductorFermi gas

Question 8: In the ________, electron excitation is achieved by absorption of a photon.
LightWave–particle dualityPhotoelectric effectQuantum mechanics

Question 9: Contains some work functions for metals and the corresponding heat required to eject them by ________
Vacuum tubeDiodeThermionic emissionElectron

Question 10: where W is the work function of the metal, k is the ________ and the proportionality constant A, known as Richardson's constant, is given by
TemperatureThermodynamic temperatureEntropyBoltzmann constant


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