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Word of mouth: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is increasingly used to seed WOMM by targeting key individuals that have authority and a high number of personal connections.
Influencer marketingRelationship marketingBusiness marketingBrand management

Question 2: Originally the term referred specifically to oral communication[1] (literally words from the mouth), but now includes any type of human communication, such as face to face, telephone, email, and ________.
Mobile phoneText messagingMobile phones and driving safetyMobile phone features

Question 3: To promote and manage word-of-mouth communications, marketers use publicity techniques as well as ________ methods to achieve desired behavioral response.
Viral marketingWebsiteFacebookTwitter

Question 4: With the emergence of Web 2.0, many web start-ups like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and ________ have used buzz marketing by merging it with the social networks that they have developed.
AACS encryption key controversyKevin RoseGoogleDigg

Question 5: Word of mouth is a reference to the passing of ________ from person to person.
InformationElectrical engineeringArtificial intelligenceSystems engineering

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