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Word formation: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (a word formed by stringing together older words, like earthquake)
InflectionCompound (linguistics)Preposition and postpositionCompound verb

Question 2:
  • ________ (the creation of words that imitate natural sounds, like the bird name cuckoo)
    FrogOnomatopoeiaCross-linguistic onomatopoeiasEnglish language

Question 3: In ________, word formation is the creation of a new word.

Question 4:
  • ________ (a word formed from initial letters of the words in a phrase, like English laser from light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation)
    English languageUnited StatesAbbreviationAcronym and initialism

Question 5: Word formation can also be contrasted with the formation of idiomatic expressions, though sometimes words can form from multi-word phrases; see ________ and Incorporation (linguistics).
Compound (linguistics)Compound verbInflectionPreposition and postposition

Question 6: Word formation is sometimes contrasted with ________, which is a change in a single word's meaning.
OnomasiologySemanticsEtymologySemantic change

Question 7: Agglutination (the process of forming new words from existing ones by adding ________ to them, like shame + less + nessshamelessness)
AffixSimulfixInflectionHalkomelem language


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