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Wool: Quiz


Question 1: The sheepwalks of Castile shaped the landscape and the fortunes of the meseta that lies in the heart of the Iberian peninsula; in the sixteenth century, a unified Spain allowed export of ________ lambs only with royal permission.
Domestic sheepWoolMulesingMerino

Question 2: Ancient Greeks lined their ________ with felt, and Roman legionnaires used breastplates made of wool felt.

Question 3: Wool from Australia, New Zealand, ________, and South Africa may enter, and a winner is named from each country.
BrazilChileBuenos AiresArgentina

Question 4: Less than half of ________'s wool is sold at auction, while around 45% for farmers sell wool directly to private buyers and end-users.
AustraliaNauruUnited KingdomNew Zealand

Question 5: Prior to invention of shears - probably in the ________ - the wool was plucked out by hand or by bronze combs.
Ancient Near EastIron AgeIron Age ChinaLa Tène culture

Question 6: This process was invented in the Heavy Woollen District of ________ and created a micro-economy in this area for many years.
South YorkshireLeedsBradfordWest Yorkshire

Question 7: Wool has also been traditionally used to cover ________.
CottonDiaperAdult diaperHemp

Question 8: The Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) conducts sales primarily in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, and ________.
Fremantle, Western AustraliaPerth, Western AustraliaAlbany, Western AustraliaBroome, Western Australia

Question 9: ________ is the leading producer of wool which is mostly from Merino sheep.
CanadaAustraliaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 10: The recycled wool may be mixed with raw wool, wool noil, or another fiber such as ________ to increase the average fiber length.


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